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Josephine Geraci

Josephine’s Life

A Summary of Josephine Geraci’s Life

IMG_8460finalJosephine was born an Entrepreneur.   At the age of 5 she already had a paper route with her brother.   She is the eldest daughter of 11 children and from a young age encountered big responsibilities.  She has always been a hard worker and has loved every challenge she has encountered in her life.   At the age of 16 Josephine travelled to Europe for the first time and got to meet her extended family.

In high school she attended a prestigious all girls academy which gave her an incredible foundation.  Her father influenced her to study Finance and she attended St. John’s University as an undergraduate in Finance.

She was hired as the top candidate for an MBA training program to learn the ins and outs of Wall Street.  Josephine then went on to become the product manager of a financial product working for some of the largest brokerage institutions.  She went on to help start Lionheart Research with Jerry (her first husband), and held extensive conferences with Forbes.

Josephine married Jerry and unfortunately he passed away after an illness.   She then began a Foundation in his honour – The Jerry Cantwell foundation.   Josephine then went on to write a book about cancer titled From the heart of a Rocketship. A story about love and cancer.  She re-married four years later and had three wonderful children, which were her reason for the invention of the product gLovies. Currently Josephine has her own radio show, i.e. Paying it Forward, (not surprisingly as she is a great speaker) which she spends most of her time working on and as founder and owner of My Mom Knows Best Inc, she is certainly one busy stay at home mom and to top it all she is an incredible baker!



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