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Josephine Geraci

Mission /Goals


  • Josephine’s mission in life is to leave a legacy where people can learn from her lessons and experiences – to learn and to ‘pay it forward’ in order to create better lives for others.
  • To create children’s products that solve problems and make moms’ lives easier so they can enjoy quality time with their most precious commodities, their children.
  • To help entrepreneurs save time and money in one hour per week, one interview at a time.
  • To bring about more awareness for brain cancer and raise research dollars.


  • ‘My Mom Knows Best Inc’.
    To bring great children’s products into the market place that solve problems.
  • Forbes Magazine which features an article about Josephine’s success regarding her book ‘From The Heart of A Rocketship’
    New York Times bestseller.
  • Raising a further $400,000 for brain cancer research.
  • Radio. Aspirations to appear on a syndicated show.
  • Business coffee book.
    New York Times bestseller.
  • Business Conference two times a year.

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