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gLovies are disposable multi-purpose gloves that are used to keep kids safe from germs and all things messy. gLovies are ideal for arts and crafts projects – especially painting and baking.

gLovies are also great for potty training in public restrooms. Teachers love to use gLovies in their classrooms because they are easy to use and less clean-up time. Finally, gLovies was invented by a mother for other mothers to help keep their children Fairy tail lucy hentai safe from germs in public places.

Customer Testimonials

“Having gLovies™ with you means  you’ll have one less thing to worry about.”  Statement from one of the staff at the booth for this product. I am willing to say that this is an invaluable product Hentai babe fucked in several positions to have.
“Simple, competetively priced and useful, it is a guaranteed sale.”  The Toy Man – 2007 Product Guide
“My comfort level is so much higher knowing that, by using gLovies™ I am doing everything possible to keep my

children healthy.”  Meryl K., mother of two

“LOVE my gLovies™! They are keeping my child germ-free.”  Elva O., mother of a 5-year-old 
“This is a great product for young children who are meeting [3D Hentai] かりんとあそぼ! Let\'s Play with Karin! a newborn sibling for the first time.”  Thomas L. Paone, MD, Ob/Gyn


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