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Follow gLovies for a little bit of fun as well as great tips for moms. A range of competitions will be hosted as well as a weekly video uploaded. We will be sharing tips similar to the below, and more.

Tip one

Keep diaper bag packed at all times. When you arrive home from an outing repack that bag immediately so you are not trying to rush the next time you need to be somewhere. Always make sure to bring a backup set of clothes for toddlers.

Tip two

Whatever goes in the car comes back out of the car when you arrive home. This is a great habit to start while the children are still young.

Tip three

Always keep bags in the car for garbage and dispose of bag when you arrive at destination.

Tip four

Have a knapsack of toys, crayons and coloring books packed and ready to use when dining in public or for long rides.

Bonus Tip

Invest in some great music for car rides. Singing is a wonderful way to bond with your young children and always seems to keep everyone happy. But no sleepy music while driving!

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