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Paying Knowledge Forward

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Josephine Geraci came up with the idea to start her show based on the fact that she has personally made so many mistakes in business, and if there was a way she could help others avoid the same mistakes that she made, then she would create a way to do this. Determined to share her knowledge with as many people as she could, Jospehine devised a way to pay her knowledge forward from one entrepreneur to the next. If you ever wished to be a fly on the office wall of a high powered executive so you could learn a thing or two from them, Josephine Geraci’s show would be the place to hear what those people have learned about how to run a successful business.

Join her and learn the ins-and-outs of different types of entrepreneurs who have figured out how to be successful. The candid interviews are fun and insightful and each and every show wraps up with five great business tips. Get your pencil and paper out because you will want to take notes!

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